Philippians 4:13
"I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.
March 31, 2013
John 11:25-26 NIV
98 Years of History
In 1921, Elder Samuel Crouch began a mission on Amanda Street in a two -room shot-gun house. The church was named the Stop Six Mission. The first pastor was Elder Charlie Scott. Later the church was moved to Katy Street and began services in a nice size tent. The first Church Mother was Sister Rhonda Early.

 After time, Elder A. Jackson was sent as pastor of the church. He was the builder of the first church. Another one of the earlier pastors was Elder Kempt. Due to trouble with the property, the church doors closed. The pastor, Reverend Mc Cure and members of Saint James Methodist Church opened their doors and services were held at the Saint James Methodist Church. The church was buffed and battered, but the saints remained faithful and God blessed. They trusted that God would make a way and He did.

 After Mother Early’s death, Sister Ophelia Bell was appointed as church mother. Sister Pearl Reed was also appointed as church mother. Sister Pearl Reed was secretary for more than twelve (12) years.

 Later, Elder Robert Jamerson became the Pastor. He moved the church to a small house on Willie Street with lamps on the wall and a coal stove for heat. From there they moved back to their original home on Katy street. Thus, the church grew.

 September 1949, the church welcomed Elder L. C. Castleberry from Henderson, Texas to the mother church in this area (Stop Six). With him came stability. HE was a builder and had a mind to build God’s house. The church was built both spiritually and naturally. Elder L. C. Castleberry moved his family here in the summer of 1950. Baptizing was done in Robinson’s tank on Sunshine.

 Sister Laura Castleberry organized the first Senior and Junior Choirs. She was the Sunshine Band President and Sister Bernice Castleberry Locklin was the pianist. Brother George Wayne Pope was the Sunshine School Superintendent and dedicated deacon . Brother Pope would collect money from the saints for Pastor and the church.

 Sometime in 1953 a new edifice was ready to be built at 4904 Katy Street. The wood frame building was unpainted and would shake along with the members as they praised the Lord. There was a pot-belly wood stove and outdoor toilets and approximately thirty total members including the Pastor and his family. The old building was torn down. Pastor L. C. Castleberry and Brother R. E. Williams were the carpenters for the construction of the new edifice. Brother H. B. Carter was the electrician. Brothers Fred Stephens, O. V. Dickson, Sr. and L. D. Locklin poured cement steps and extension in front of the church and a foundation for the cafeteria on the East side of the church building.

 Later we moved to Willie Street and worshiped in the two story unpainted Hall. Brother L. C. Mc Curen, Brother Leroy Akins, Brother Robert Punch and others worked on the ceiling.

 The women pulled nails and fixed dinners for the brothers that worked untiringly on the new edifice. The new Sanctuary had indoor restrooms, a choir stand, a pulpit area, church pews and an organ, amenities that were not in the old building. Brother Robert Punch was instrumental in getting the street paved.

 In 1964 we had outgrown our sanctuary and Pastor L. C. was ready to build again. There was a need for classrooms and parking space. The church purchased four lots on corner of Ramey /Marlin at the cost of $555.00. In 1965, the church held a one-month tent revival on the Ramey/Marlin lot.

 Unable to build on the purchased lots, other plans developed and a church was purchased in 1969 in the Eastwood Area. Reverend Hildreth was the pastor. There were three brick buildings and a white frame building used for Boy Scouts. Brother Lloyd D. Locklin was the Boy Scout Leader. The sanctuary seated 500 or more with classrooms. All buildings had church furniture and air condition. One building was a fellowship hall, the other building was the main sanctuary and the other building was used for a daycare and youth center.

 1988 was a difficult phase in the church life of Golden Gate. Our pastor, Superintendent L. C. Castleberry became very ill and the saints prayed continuously for about two months. Pastor Castleberry died and Elder Horace and Missionary Dorothy Jimerson led the church. Bishop J. Neaul Haynes was the pastor with Elder Johnny Castleberry assisting him along with Elder Horace Jimerson. Bishop Haynes being led by the Spirit of God and honoring the request of the late Superintendent L. C. Castleberry, appointed Elder Johnny Castleberry as pastor of the Golden Gate Church of God in Christ. He came with a great vision, vigorous and full energy and courage. Souls continued to be saved. Remodeling was done and new auxiliaries were formed such as: the dance team, praise team, drill team, support groups, Sunday care, children’s church, new member’s class, Christian outreach services, radio broadcast ministry, feeding the homeless and the nurses unit.

Golden Gate Church is now beginning phase II in the remodeling of the current sanctuary. Members have pledged and contributed thousands of dollars in helping this vision become a reality.

 Golden Gate COGIC is a place where a “Stranger meets a friend and a Sinner finds Christ.”
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